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normal Frage HA35-22 Firmware - flashen

08 Feb 2019 07:14 #77190 von MichaelW
MichaelW antwortete auf HA35-22 Firmware - flashen
Bitte um PN :)
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09 Feb 2019 10:36 #77201 von andi
andi antwortete auf HA35-22 Firmware - flashen
Du hast Post!

13 Feb 2019 11:47 #77243 von MichaelW
MichaelW antwortete auf HA35-22 Firmware - flashen
Wollte mich nur noch erkundigen ob ich mit der Firmware aus einem der LAN Ports nen WAN Port machen kann und den als meinen "end router" einrichten nach meinem Bridge modem?

LG! :P :P
15 Feb 2019 15:18 #77250 von tommy35xx
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Würde mich auch sehr über eine PM freuen!

danke und lg
15 Feb 2019 20:36 - 15 Feb 2019 21:18 #77253 von LukaTCE
LukaTCE antwortete auf HA35-22 Firmware - flashen
Hi I just bought used modem. I have A1 Slovenia ISP and I even cant get it to work via DSL (we also have 17a profile on vdsl2) DSL and internet lights go green but still no internet. Mode always flashing RED. So the only manual are from Cosmote DSL ony light and don't blink like in this PDF
How you managed to flash firmware with general ? I even can't connect via telnet at IP and 23 port
I thought I would replace our ISP ZTE H338A with this as our ZTE is getting constant slow speeds, unstable speeds or disconnects and need to be reset every 24 hours and even have no external antenna. And I see now even that modem is "junk" I seen this topic before but I didn't read all. Also I can't even SIM get to work we have micro-sim and I moved it in slot few times and didn't showed any signal and in router admin side.
I would appreciate it if you help me flash the modem :) I attached pic on the bottom.

I tried with telnet method on Youtube and it even didn't connected I changed IP and password in tool config I even replaced all IP with my modem IP and didn't worked at all. Seems this modem have different paths for API ?
With USB soldered might work ? any what tools, software to use ? Probably screws are under rubber pads on the bottom of the modem ?
USB fix
A1 firmware is also here www.herby-bauer.com/Download-Verzeichnis/Firmwares/HA35-22/Download-HA35-22_Firmwares.html

Is there any other modem option ? Like 2 WAN router. So normal DSL modem from ISP and LTE modem with WAN like Huawei B525, B315, B310 and then set load balance on the router. Or routers with 4G USB support. But I doubt then it will be able to bond on ISP bonding server. What is even difference between load balance and bonding on ISP server ?
It sounds to me it's only done via software or VPN/Proxy

FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE but it's done via load balance ? (customer support even didn't explained all they said it works like via fail over but unsure if load balance too)
Peplink is only good SD-WAN solution but it cost 300€
Boosty is 100€

Some load balancing routers www.broadbandbuyer.com/store/broadband-routers/load-balancing-routers/
TL-R470T 4x WAN but no wifi
Dual WAN Asus seems best choice and use Merlin Asus-WRT on ?
Asus RT-N18U
Asus DSL-AC56U and RT-N66U and RTAC66U

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16 Feb 2019 08:04 #77256 von ghostrider1912
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Kannst du mir bitte auch PN senden
Danke ghostrider1912
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